Dark Seductions – Now Available!

Leo Wolfe was the only survivor the night his childhood home was set ablaze. After losing his entire family to the inferno, Leo was consumed by fury and a quest for vengeance against the man responsible. But on the night he intends to find justice, Leo runs straight into an alluring distraction, Emily Devill.

Emily fled home at 18, desperate to escape the criminal world which corrupted her family. After years of hiding, her long-time pursuers close in. She never expected her cries for help to be answered by a mysterious stranger, whose smoldering gaze sends heat to her very core.

Falling into Leo’s twisted world, Emily knows she should keep running, yet finds the embers of desire burning hot for her unlikely rescuer. Surrendering to Leo’s dark seductions, she loses herself to the carnal pleasures of his sizzling embrace.

As the two venture deeper, Leo and Emily’s hidden truths come to light, secrets which threaten to drive them apart. As danger closes in from all sides, Leo may be forced to choose what matters most: Vengeance…or Her?

Available here: https://books2read.com/darkseductions

Dark Seductions is a stand-alone novel in a multi-author world.

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