Dark Seductions – Now Available!

Leo Wolfe was the only survivor the night his childhood home was set ablaze. After losing his entire family to the inferno, Leo was consumed by fury and a quest for vengeance against the man responsible. But on the night he intends to find justice, Leo runs straight into an alluring distraction, Emily Devill. EmilyContinue reading “Dark Seductions – Now Available!”

Andromeda: Desires of Eventide

Three seductive fay. One ravishing star.An ancient ritual threatens them all. *** For eons, celestial beings known as Starlights have inhabited the sky. A Starlight’s life encompasses many stages, culminating in rebirth through supernovas to experience life anew. When Andromeda falls to Lymia, she crashes right into the arms of three unlikely heroes. In aContinue reading “Andromeda: Desires of Eventide”

Fallen Starlights Hops

Exciting news! I have three hops going on this week! First, the Fallen Starlight Facebook Hop can be found on my Facebook Group! Be sure to follow the information on the hop and visit every author’s page for a chance to win some fun prizes! The Fallen Starlights Facebook hop begins here on my FacebookContinue reading “Fallen Starlights Hops”

Helen’s Surrender

I’m excited to announce my debut novel! Helen’s Surrender: A Claimed by Three NovelNow Available! Three sexy gods. One ancient prophecy. And the face that launched a thousand ships.  *** Washing up on the shore of an ancient Greek Isle after her cruise ship sank into the Mediterranean, Helen awakes before the crumbling remains ofContinue reading “Helen’s Surrender”